Past Productions

Beau Jest
Jul 24th, 1998 - Sep 20th, 1998
by James Sherman
Bob Mike Buckley
Abe George Flint
Joel Steve Gallion
Miriam Trina Kaplan
Chris Christopher Reber
Costume Design Veronica Murphy
Scenic Design Mike Buckley
Lighting Design Scott O'Donnell
Stage Manager Elizabeth J. Bobbe
"Kerry Meads stages it for all it's worth! She keeps the pace lively and frames the jokes for best effect."
- ( San Diego Reader )
"Laugh-out-loud! Lamb's Players' revival of its 1994 hit production still hits the funny bone."
- ( San Diego Daily Transcript )
"Side-splitting humor!"
- ( Daily Californian )
"Seamless ensemble work under Kerry Meads' direction extracts every bit of humor ou tof James Sherman's witty lines and situations."
- ( The Publication )
"You don't have to be Jewish to laugh at the foibles in Beau Jest. The whole audience was rolling in the aisles."
- ( San Diego Jewish Press Heritage )