Past Productions

Joyful Noise
Feb 11th, 2000 - Mar 18th, 2000
by Tim Slover
Susannah Cibber Mary Miller
Charles Jennens Paul Eggington
George Fredrick Handel Tom Stephenson
John Christopher Smith Doren Elias
Mary Pendarves Linda Bush
Bishop Henry Egerton David Cochran Heath
In Service Jason Makairis
Ted McCann
K.B. Mercer
Scenic / Lighting Design David Thayer
Costume Design Jeanne Reith
Properties Design Chrissy Reynolds-Vögele
"Indeed a cause for celebration! Playwright Tim Slover fills his drama with clever characters and smart situations, making for an intriguing 18th century 'behind the scenes' scenario. Performer Robert Smyth pulls double duty as director, and masterfully conducts the action with a rousing pace and graceful undertones."
- ( Back Stage )
"Elegant and Engaging! Clearly an ensemble to watch!"
- ( New York Theatre-Wire )
"Enough to give the audience goosebumps of inspiration and admiration!"
- ( Prime Times )
"Hilarious and heartbreaking! Remarkable!"
- ( TheatreMania )
"Enchanting! Absolutely believable!"
- ( Theatrescope )
"A stirring play! More than classical music buffs will find it fascinating!"
- ( Associated Press )
"Confirms the excellence of what Off-Broadway offers today... Reminds one of Amadeus. Joyful Noise belongs on Broadway, too."
- ( Putnam County News and Recorder )