Past Productions

An American Christmas
Dec 11th, 2011 - Dec 24th, 2011
by Robert Smyth
Willa Ray Marshall Deborah Gilmour Smyth
Gabriell Danielson Sandy Campbell
Eliott Danielson Danny Campbell
April Danielson Eva Rapp
Maggie Danielson Molly C. O'Meara
Ethel Danielson Lizzie Morris
Simonetta Marshall Lucia Vecchio
Gregory Marshall Holly Abeel
Pearl Timmons Holly Abeel
Nelson Marshall Jim Chovick
Gavin Marshall Lance Arthur Smith
Orson Marshall Michael Drummond
Samuel Anders Ralph Johnson
Jefferson Tolman Grandison Phelps
Laurella Walker Kathleen Calvin
Bert Walker Bryan Barbarin
Fanny Granger Melissa Baldwin
Jedidiah Granger Patrick Marion
Homer Potts Greg Campbell
Ian O'Casey Robert Smyth
Clare O'Casey Cynthia Gerber
Aloysius Tasker John Burt Polhamus
Hildegard Tasker Ramona Unwin
Additional Dancer Patrick J. Duffy
Gareth Marshall Taylor Peckham
Alegra Ashley Foughty
Director Robert Smyth
Musical Direction Deborah Gilmour Smyth
Choreographer Colleen Kollar Smith
Costume Design Jeanne Reith
Lighting Design Nathan Peirson
Scenic Design Jane LaMotte
Sound Design Patrick J. Duffy
Properties Design Michael McKeon
Stage Manager Maria Mangiavellano
"Exceptionally entertaining! Far exceeded my wildest expectations!"
- David Lansing ( Sunset Magazine )
"A lavish holiday feast with a historical twist! The atmosphere is authentic and undeniably merry. Guests leave with all their Yuletide yearnings satisfied!"
- ( Westways Magazine )
"A perfect melding of food, ambience, and showmanship!"
- ( San Diego Magazine )